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Sample Timetable

Part-time Course (sample week)

Class Monday - Writing Tuesday - Writing Thursday - Reading Friday - Reading
Writing / Reading Introduction to IELTS Writing test format; Task 1 task analysis, language used, practice Analysis of task 1 structure, use of cohesive devices, model analysis, practice task Introduction to IELTS reading test format; text type analysis; scanning strategies, practice Focus on identifying main ideas, matching tasks, practice
Listening/ Speaking Introduction to IELTS Listening test format; section 1 focus, prediction strategies, practice Section 2 focus, possible situations, question analysis, use of keywords to guide listening, practice. Introduction to IELTS Speaking test format, strategies for giving sustained responses, practice Section 2 focus, cue card analysis, strategies for brainstorming ideas, practice

IELTS Fundamentals (sample week)

Unit 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2 hour session
Understanding the IELTS test

Listening: intonation signals
Writing: analysing essay questions

Speaking: extending part 1
Grammar review: past and present forms

Writing: understanding the marking criteria
Vocabulary: Academic word list

Listening practice
Reading strategies: skimming, scanning, orientation to a text, using headings
2 hour session
Reading: increasing speed

Writing: interpreting diagrams
Speaking practice

Pronunciation: syllable stress
Reading question types

Writing practice
Reading practice

Speaking: extending part 2
Speaking: part 2 practice

Vocabulary development: culture and lifestyle

IELTS Focused (sample week)

Unit 9 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2 hour session
Test taking strategies

Writing skills: concluding paragraphs
Reading practice test

Grammar review: passive voice
Reading skills: test referents

Speaking: practice test
Listening skills: note taking

Reading skills: completing diagrams
Describing problems and solutions

Reading practice test
2 hour session
Correcting errors in writing

Marking and test feedback
Listening practice test

Speaking: using complex sentences
Writing practice test

Vocabulary development: scientific advances; entertainment
Writing skills: signpost language

Listening practice test
Writing: describing processes

Academic vocabulary development